Gold Personalized Beaded Bracelet at Experimental Jewellery Club

Gold Personalized Beaded Bracelet

Do you love to wear your heart on your sleeve? These personalized beaded bracelets are made just for you. Feel the liberation from saying exactly what you want to say - from "I ❤️ Pie" to "#goals." Get matching bracelets for you and your BFF....or customize an entire set for your bridal party. 

Available characters: Letters A-Z, Numbers 0-9, heart (❤️ ), and hashtag (#).
Sizing: XS (6"), S (6.5"), M (7"), and L (7.5")

We recommend 6 beads max.  We'll message you after checkout for your custom message and bracelet size.  

Personalized bracelets are made to order and take 1-2 weeks to ship.

> 14k gold filled chain with 14k gold filled hardware
> Acrylic alphabet beads
> Standard bracelet (M) is 7" in circumference